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Common Application Essay Help in Boston, MA & Providence, RI   92% of our students get accepted to their first choice college!

The secret to writing the Personal Essay is to demonstrate both your academic interest and intellectual curiosity in whichever topic you select. Let us help you both determine your topic and construct a Personal Essay that will stand out among the over 20,000 other applicants you will be competing against.

All coaching is done one-on-one through Skype/email/phone. Spend all your time writing, not commuting. Be comfortable in your own surroundings.

Common Application Package

1. Personal Essay

A 650 word essay that conveys both your personality and intellectual capabilities. This essay is strategic.

2. Activity List

Strategically rank your activities and create 50 character descriptions that deliver results.

3. Additional Information Page

With the new Common Application 4, this page is even more important than in past years. Add additional awards or explain why your grades fell in one particular year. Add another essay.

4. eBook

How to Jumpstart the College Application Process
A step-by-step approach explaining how to write the Common Application, prepare for an interview, and choose a college.

5. eBook

Writing the Common Application with Consistency, Initiative, Passion
A more focused look at the Common Application for 2014.

6. Resume

A professional document of your academic and extracurricular activities – take it to your interviews and college fairs. Bonus – use resume for getting after-school and summer jobs!

Additional Services

1. College Search & Strategy

A matching and strategy process to put you into the college of your choice! We create a checklist with time table to keep you focused – you do the right thing at the right time. This may be the most important part of the application process.

2. Supplement Questions

A further statement into what defines and distinguishes you from every other person applying to college and what matches your goals to the strengths of the individual college. Very important.

3. Interview Coaching

Mock interviews and an in-depth analysis of your strengths and opportunities for improvement. Your first interview is with one coach who crafts your answers as you go along; the second interview, if you need it, is with a different coach who gives you a very formal interview, no stopping, just 25 minutes of straight questioning.

4. Independent Research Projects – Key to Success

If you are applying to Ivies or on the bubble at any college, your research project puts you into the “let’s take another look at this student”. Many colleges have now included a section in the supplement to elaborate on independent research.

Personal Essay Topics

The first phone interview is designed to elicit and conceptualize powerful essays that display your personality and academic/intellectual pursuits or extracurricular activities. Our method of questioning the student brings out these passions, even if the student doesn’t know he has them! We then take your experiences and craft the essay into one of the essay prompts. Listed below are some unusual topics from last year:

  • Thomas Jefferson papers
  • How Anatomy & Physiology Created a Career Path
  • Teamwork in Chemistry Lab and on the Basketball Court
  • Seven Winter Breaks at NASA Space Camp
  • Reconstructing a Pharoah’s Boat
  • Turning a Passion for “Kicks” into an EBAY Business
  • Melting, Jigged Out & Printing on the “O”
  • How Mandarin Chinese Helped Me Study Physics
  • Community Service as a Career Path
  • DNA Testing
  • Wrangling Customers at Rite Aid
  • Volunteer Work in the ER
  • Independent Research on Race, Gender, and Equality
  • Creating a Sports Exchange
  • Trapped under an Avalanche
  • Structural Damage to the Titanic
  • Being Devil’s Advocate in Debate
  • Physics of Cheerleading
  • Entrepreneur: Summer Day Camp for Girls
  • Internship in Spectrometry
  • Launching a Balloon to Take Pictures of the Earth
  • Piano Competition
  • Changing My Attitude, Settling Down, and Understanding the Value of Education

by CSO founder Joan K. Martin, Ph.D.

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Essays- Tell a story with a great opening! The title and first sentence of your Personal Essay should create interest and motivate the admissions reader to concentrate on your essay. When you are satisfied with the content of the essay, examine each sentence. Edit out any sentences that look and sound different from the rest of your sentences. Each sentence should sound like you, not like an exquisitely crafted sentence from Hemingway. Keep your sentences simple and the content memorable. CollegeStartOnline coaches are experts at helping the student create a memorable opening and essay “in your own voice”.

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